2019. Interactive installation using machine learning generated sounds.
Editions in Oxford (EXPO) and Manchester (RNCM) in May and June 2019.

Breaths between moons
for bass flute and live electronics
Premiere by Taylor MacLennan and NM, 25.02.19, EXPO Oxford.

2018. For bass guitar and live electronics
Premiere by NM, 29.11.18, Modern Art Oxford.

Her still singing limbs
2018. For trombone and live electronics
Premiere by Sebastiaan Kemner and NM, 03.05.18.

2018. For bass flute, cello, and live electronics
Premiere by Explore Ensemble and NM, 07.02.18.

2015/16. For ensemble
Premiere by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, 13.09.15

2015. For electric guitar and live electronics
Premiere by Cassandra Matthews and NM.

Air Unknowing
2014. For baritone and piano
Premiere by members of ensemble recherche and neue vocalsolisten, 28.09.14.

2014. For ensemble
Premiere by Britten-Pears Ensemble, Gregory Charette (cond.), 21.06.14.

Academic Work

Conference Papers

'A Rondo of Everything: Understanding Micro and Macro Form by Pattern Class Analysis in Morton Feldman’s Piano Violin Viola Cello’, Again & Again Conference (International conference on musical repetition in aesthetics, analysis, and experience), City, University of London (26 April 2019)

‘Sentient Spaces: Interactive Spatialisation with Spat5 in 'Unfurl' for Bass Guitar and Electronics’, IRCAM Forum (26 March 2019)

‘Technical Hybridity and the Metabolisation of Sound in Fausto Romitelli’s Professor Bad Trip Triptych’, Spectralisms Conference (International conference on spectral music), University of Oxford (15 March 2017)